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                                      Roland VS 2480 CD Complete Recording Rig! 


      (Roland Factory Image Above)



I have had this for 3 years and love it. This is the king of portable DAWs.

 I hate selling it but Oh Well. It comes with one VS  8F-2 Effects Board and I

 added one more plus 1 VS 8F -3 board, I am also including in he package   

my set of M Audio BX 5a Studio speakers. They both work but one has

 something wrong with it. At a lower volume it is fine but it has a scratchy

 sound cranked up. May be a speaker  it could just be a circut or something.

 I am sure it is easily fixed.

See below.




VS-2480: Digital Studio Workstation


The VS-2480 24-track Digital Studio Workstation is the first self-contained recording workstation to offer 24-track/24-bit digital recording with 64-channel digital mixing, onboard effects processing and optional CD burning. This revolutionary workstation also boasts 17 motorized faders, a VGA monitor output, plus mouse and ASCII keyboard inputs-taking the V-Studio concept to an entirely new level.

  • World's first self-contained 24-track/24-bit/96kHz digital recording workstation with onboard effects and optional CD-burning capabilities
  • 24-track playback; 16-track simultaneous recording with 384 v-tracks
  • "Drag-and-drop" editing using included mouse; also accepts ASCII keyboard (optional)
  • 64-channel, fully automated digital mixer with 17 motorized faders
  • Dynamics processing and 5-band EQ on every channel
  • Professional-quality connections including 8 XLR/16 balanced trs mic/line inputs
  • 2 stereo effects processors (expandable to 8 stereo, 16 mono) including cosm¨ Mic, Speaker and Guitar Amp modeling, plus Mastering Tool Kit
  • 24-voice Sample Phrase Pads for triggering and arranging samples directly from disk
  • Dual 8-channel r-bus ports for expandable I/O in a variety of analog and digital formats; smpte and word clock input
  • Compatible with large-capacity 3.5" IDE hard drives (up to 128GB)
  • VGA Moniitor output with stellar graphics, including mouse-based waveform editing and control
It has an 80 GB hard drive.


                           Originally this unit was over 3k. Roland stopped making them about 4 years or so ago. There are others out there but this unit is the simplest to use and  you can't get better sound. You can do more with a computer based DAW (which is in fact what this is, a computer but designed only for audio and video)

Only problem with your regular desk top or lap top is this needs so much band width. Most computers can be runing a hundred little programs constantly and unless you have a Intel I 7 processor and 12 gigs or so of ram, you can have latency problems, (play a note and hear it a few ms later) or your PC can freeze.

I have never had this freeze. I am selling it as a whole package and this will be much cheaper than buying each piece individually. Also I have saved 2 of the original demo songs which you can't get anymore. One of the things you ned to do with a recorder like this is to back up everything on a CD or DVD. Reason is every time you do anything, there is a record of the event. Eventually this recorder can start slowing down. This does take a long time. Matter of fact I have re formated only once.

I have had 4 or 5 other recorders and by far this one has been light years above the rest.

Roland bought into Cake Walk and is now more involved with the computer based  DAW. Now if you have a PC or Mac based on the Intel I7 which has 4 processors but acts like it has 8 then because of all the software out there you can do a lot more but you stiill would need to buy some type of patch bay for in and out. I do use my Line 6 Pod X3 Pro as an interface which actually gives me 8 tracks at a time  in cakewalk and because al the actual audio is processed by the X3 Pro and not the computer processor which mine is already 5 years old, I don't have any latency problems. This unit is si easyto take to any venu and use as a recorder and also a mixer.

It's little brother is thr Roland VS 2400 which has less tracks and in/outs.

Here is a link for more information on this faboulous recorder which will last someone a life time. Although I am sure that with the way technology goes, in 10 years who knows what will be out. In 1973  my band back then recorded a 45 in a Chicago recording studio. It was a Real to Real recorder with a huge mixing board. The room was full of equiptment and this little setup would blow that system away.


                                            M Audio BX5a Near field monitors




                                                       Price MSRP  $399.95 USD  pair.





                              R Buss Cable MSRP  $ 39.99 This is an optional cable used for 8 channels of input and 8 channels of output to connect to a computer that is equipted with an R Bus interface. The VS 2480 can connect to 2 R Bus cables. At one time I had a Personus V Fire as my interface and it worked nice for adding 16 more tracks for recording


R Bus Cable

Presonus V Fire Not included in this sale! Pictures are for reference.


                     Roland VS8F-2 ..... One is included with recorder To buy an additional one used the average ebay price is  about $120.00

Here is the formost seller of used Roland Recording equiptment specializing in the VS 2480.

This way you can check out used prices and see what you would pay individually!




                    One included and one additional for a total of 2 out of the 4 slots


                             Roland VS8F-3 Effects Board

                         I am including one of these which is optional. This is the latest upgraded board and alows you to install software plugins which I am also including 2.


       These are also not for sale anywhere new but sell used for around $450.00

            Click on the link to see this



               PLUGINS Antares Auto-Tune Aproximatly $400.00 which I

                                  purchased new. You can not buy this anymore.


                     Click for larger image



    Follow link for  MORE INFORMATION


          Universal Audio  VS 1176 LN is a software version of a very famous

 hardware Limiting Amplifier. This is also not sold anymore. It was in the 300.00

 to 400.00 range. Makes the channel you are using act like the real thing.

 Awsome! And this pre Amp sells in the thousands of dollars. I believe 3k.



              And finally I am including a  Viewsonic VA703b Flat Screen Monitor

Probably worth a couple hundred dollars.

               AND  a QWERTY Keyboard. I have not been able to find the mouse

 but I will throw it in if I find it. Otherwise it just uses a 2 button mouse like you

 would use on a PC.


And finally, (althoogh I should hang on to it because I will never find another.

The oficial Roland  Travel case for the VS 2480.

It's a little dusty and one of the zippers on one of yhe 2 top pouches does not

 work. It has wheels and a retractable handle. It has the Roland Logo and is very

 well padded. The 2 pouches can hold the power cord and books as well as a few

 cables but if you travel with this I assume you will have a cord case.

 I paid over 200 for this used and I will bet new it was close to 400.00. After all

 it's Roland. If you don't want it I  will have little trouble knocking some off the

 price and keeping it.


Shipping is going to be high on this because the speakers and the recorder are fairly heavy. I am guesing this will be around the 100.00 +- mark but we will see. I di not have it boxed yet and I will not box it until it is sold so we will have to negtiate shipping AFTER the sale but you can plan on the 100.00 more or

less. Please, If you have the money to purchase this don't let the shipping amount spoil this for you.

It is in like new condition as I always keep it safe in the case.

I will greatly reduce the speakers because even though they work and you can use them just fine, if you really crank it up, one is noisy. They still sound better than many others I have heard.


Thanks For Looking


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