Custom PRS style guitar with USA LINDY FRALIN Unbucker pickups

Mann Made Tremolo withy GOLD PRS saddles. Brass Tremolo Block and Brass Nut

Special Sale price for September 2014 only, includes guitar as described plus a hard shell case. (Not the original  PRS case advertised. This will be a decent wood case covered in tolex) Free shipping in lower 48.

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I made this for myself. but have decided to sell this as well. Everything  on it is the best.

List of amenities:

 A few years back I asked Lindy to clone a set of PRS dragon II pickups. He did that using the Unbucker as a basis. Also These pickups are designed to work with the PRS 5 way rotary switch which is the last knob. You can not use a standard set of PAF style humbuckers (Gibson Les Paul Type) On a Les Paul type guitar both pickups are the same as far as magnet polarity. On a PRS Custom 24 like I had the two are opposite.

Fralin pickups are some of the highest quality pickups made!


 I decided to do a silver and gold theme with the hardware. The pickups are gold while the trim rings are chrome.

The Tremolo is Chrome but the saddles are PRS Gold saddles. John Mann Mann Made Tremolos was the original supplier of tremolos for PRS. As far as I know he is the only manufacturer that makes the same tremolos as PRS, (legally).

Follow the links for a lot more information.

The Tuning machines are my favorite and I believe the best made as well. They are Planet Waves Self trimming tuning machines 3+3 gold. They are the smoothest working and I really like the steel body as opposed to most die cast tuners Zinc body.


The Neck:

First understand all standard necks are made of wood and metal frets with a truss rod for stability.

I tell everyone the single most important part of playability is the neck. And that no production manufacturer levels their frets except PRS. Not Gibson, Fender, Jackson and On. When frets are pressed into the wood slot they can and drift back up just a little. Most guitar builders consider the small amount acceptable and so you have sayings like "Neck Relief" where there is an intentional bow in the neck. They figure the added cost of the labor isn’t worth the difference.

It is a lot of work and so my guitars cost more than a production guitar. This neck has Abalone fret markers. I kind of followed the wide fat PRS style of profile on this although I do prefer a thin neck. Some like em fat... some like em lean!

The peg head I laminated a beautiful piece of Burl Maple to it, the truss rod cover is made from the same piece.

You can see how low the action is. This plays wonderfully.  The nut is crafted from the same bell brass I use to make the tremolo block.

I promise you once you play a guitar like this with fretwork done and extra time spent with setup; you will have a hard time playing a stock "production" guitar. I don't care whose name is on the head stock. 





Body: Mahogany

Body Top: 5A Tiger flame maple (Body and neck work I value at $650.00)

Neck: Set Neck Material Maple and rosewood

Scale 25.5"

Tuning Machines: Planet Waves $65.00 (list over 100 dollars)

Fretboard Radius: 10"

Pickups: Lindy Fralin Unbucker Special custom PRS design $260.00

Fret Markers: Abalone

Pots: CTS 18.00

Switching: PRS 5 way rotary switch. This guitar is wired EXACTLY the same as a PRS Custom 22 or 24. Same capacitors, Same volume kit (resistor and capacitor on volume pot) $100.00

Special Pot: The third knob is wired to a Black Ice Module.  (follow link for complete information and instructions.  My black ice module is actual a first gen that I had left over and decided to use it. Every amp acts different with these so make sure you read the instructions for YOUR amp. The newer version has come down in price, around 20 bucks. The originals were 34.00

Tremolo: Mann Made PRS style with Bell Brass Tremolo block and authentic PRS gold Saddles. These saddles are quite pricey, around 200 dollars a set along with the tremolo and brass block this tremolo is worth over $450.00

Tremolo Springs: Raw Vintage Tremolo Springs $24.00

Turn the guitar over and you will see the awesome Purple Heart Control Cavity covers. Everything is covered in Segrave Nitrocellulose Lacquer.

Neck work: I charge around 100 bucks for a rosewood fretboard.

Value of this guitar with no profit markup. $1686.00

This is quite a guitar.


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This is for guitar and a hard shell case. I wont ship without a case. Shipping in USA free. This is a one of a kind guitar. I wont be making any more flat tops in the near future. This is a great deal. Not I will have to purchase the case yet from Sweetwater so allow 7 days for shipping. shouldent actually take that long.

Thanks for looking!

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Shipping is free in the USA. eBay has a discounted shipping system for international. Unfortunately they block most or all musical instruments made of wood. Ever since Gibson was raided by the US government.


Mark Schuster

Marks Custom Guitars


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