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                                    Line 6 Variax 700 Bass Customized!  


                                         The Variax 700 and 705 bass are really misunderstood. And now they are no longer manufactured. I have purchased 5 700s

and one 705 which I am keeping for myself. I was going to build all new bodies for the 700s but then I decided to strip off the old paint and filler and give it a new look.

I rather like it. I have read reviews that the 700 was muddy sounding and many did not like the patches. IIf you pick the patch to match your music, amd the room, I think it sounds great. I like using my Pod X3 again which in itself is a wonderful tool. It has many bass patches consisting of a number of amp models and cabineyt models. My favorites are the SUB DUB and  Advisory Bass. Both add depth to the bass. I like setting up 2 channels. One with one of the above mentioned and one with a more defined tone.

It's the best to me. I also have a Warwick Thumb Neck thru 4 string and I enjoy them both equally.


Anyway, Not much else to say about this. For more info go to My support pages follow this link 

Line 6 Variax Bass Manual PDF

The second reason I did this is I am interested in refinishing these. I will be glad to take youre bass in trade provided it is in good shape. Then it will cost around 400.00 and your bass. Remember there are 2 items I re finished. Body and neck!. Leveled the frets and other items. Black walnut plug. Catalized Nitro finish.  and more! email me with questions serious buyers.


                                   Note: there are before and after pictures in here and I hope they are obvious. If not ask.


                                   Click on picture to enlarge




Pickup Switch: 


Whammy Bar: 

Abalone Binding on top


Fret Board:  

Tuning Machines: 

NOTE: This does not come with power supply. When I purchased many of these the powr supply was not included and I am out. They can be purchased at line 6 or on ebay. I am also out of battery holders but the wire to hook that up is installed. Sorry. I can order them but socan you and it will cost you less to do it yourself.

Thanks for understanding.








                                                       As many guitars as I have owned none have ever gone back to the factory.

I would be amazed if anything ever goes wrong with this guitar short of

the player thinking he (she) is Peter Townsend of the Who and smashes it.




                                  Beautiful Finish  



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Returns Policy

  • This Item is Manufactured NEW in Princeton, Wisconsin by MCG. . If there is any issue, you will return the instrument  to me for any corrections. I garantee the instrument  to work perfectly. I do NOT accept returns for those that just change their mind or have buyers remorse. Make sure you are familar with this instrument and this is truely what you want. I am a one man shop and can not afford the extra time for people wanting to just try it out.  Also if there is a problem with the wood or finsh  I stand behind that. Basically all workmanship , wood finish and electronics

    I am proud of my work and do stand behind it.  

    Most pickups I use have a lifetime warrantee.

    • NO RETURNS are Accepted for this Listing Unless Item Arrives Damaged or if approved by Marks Custom Guitars.
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Questions & Answers

Questions and answers: Some will be from me and some I will copy from a couple of public forums

that may be helpful to you.  Good questions submtited from you can be added as well.


There is no factory warantee for this instrument. I do stand behind my work and for one year agre to repair any issused cause by the manufacture of this guitar.  

I stand behind my work and should there be any issue I will fix that and the only cost to you is shipping to me. I pay to ship back to you.


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Marks Custom guitars is a small mom and pop business. There are a lot of "guitar makers" out there so my attitude is not volume but rather quality. I build each guitar as if I were going to keep it myself.

I look at each guitar as if it were mine to keep. This way you know that if you are purchasing a guitar from me, it's not something I threw together but each guitar is thought about and planned from the selecting of woods to the color . To pick up selection and switching. Each one of my guitars is a one of a kind.