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        Line 6 Variax 700 Les Paul Double Cut Customized!  
            Gibson Les Paul Standard Double cut

                              This is my personal guitar. I have been playing gibson guitars since 1970. I do love PRS guitars too but a Gibson has always been my trusty standby. I had a 1970 Les Paul gold top new, then I purchased a Gibson L6S which I had until recently. With the center pickup which is reverse wound I get the full aray of strat sounds. This has the original    P-94R and P-94T pickups which origanly came with the 2 wire system. I changed that to a 3 wire system to cut a coil in each one.       I installed the Stewart McDonalod 6 way Free Way switch pictured below which operate the 2 humbuckers and a seperate on off  mini toggle to operate the middle pickup. Now I have 12 different tones just for my magnetic pickups.



                                    Click the picture for all the options


                                         The Variax 700 was the top of the line before the new JT Variax. I was able to purchase a couple of them over the years and I canablized one of them for my Gibson Les Paul Double Cut. I was never going to sell this but times have changed and everything I make is for sale.


This one is going to have to find someone special as I set it up specifically to use exclusivly with my Line 6 Pod X3 Pro. There is no battery box although one can still use the Line 6 direct box on the floor. But I wanted to use this with my pod because 1. I an mot crazy about all the knobs that are installed on one of my Hybrid conversions to run both the Variax and the Magnetic Pickups. So the magnetic volume-tone control is stacked. There is a mini toggle for the A-B control to select a system. Another mini just to turn the middle pup off or on.  Pickup selector is a 6 way toggle. There is a 5 way rotary to select the pickups for Variax and the modeling knob. Lastly is the Volume control with the green topped knob. There are 4 black walnut plugs I had to install because I had to move pots to make room. I thought (rightfully) they would look better than me trying to match the top and you would see the circle. This way people look at it and forget aboutit in the next minute.


The tone control is there. It is just burried in the control cavity. Just a matter of drilling a hole and installing it. If you need the tone control . it is a five minute job.

If you have a Variax friendly preamp, you normally have something like 36 presets that you can change. So you can set tone and other paramiters as well as your Variax selection. Just one push of a foot switch and bingo, you have your guitar and tones set. Perfect!

That is the only thing wrong with this.Which is actually not a fault. Just not standard.  Otherwise it is in better shape than when I bought it new from Sweetwater. The finish was rough so I sanded it down and started over. Much better.


 Pickups:  P-94-R and P-94-T

Pickup Switch:  Stewart McDonald 6 way Free Way switch

Tremolo:  None

Whammy Bar:  None

Neck:  Set African Mahogany

Fret Board:   Rosewood

Fret Markers : MOP  Blocks

Tuning Machines:  Grover Locking

NOTE: This does  come with power supply. This is my last one. I had to include a power supply because there is no battery box. I was never going to sell and I never use the batteries.  When I purchased many of these the power supply was not included and I am out. They can be purchased at line 6 or on ebay. I am also out of battery holders Sorry.

If you have a power supply and don't need one I will credit you 50.00 and not send it.

Comes with a hard shell case.

Thanks for understanding.








                                                       As many guitars as I have owned none have ever gone back to the factory.

I would be amazed if anything ever goes wrong with this guitar short of

the player thinking he (she) is Peter Townsend of the Who and smashes it.




                                  Beautiful Finish  



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    I am proud of my work and do stand behind it.  

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There is no factory warantee for this instrument. I do stand behind my work and for one year agre to repair any issused cause by the manufacture of this guitar.  

I stand behind my work and should there be any issue I will fix that and the only cost to you is shipping to me. I pay to ship back to you.


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